Uncovering unhealthy "healthy foods" in your life

What "healthy foods" are we blinded by in our lives?

First, fancy cereal

People's pursuit of food is not only simple nutrition, but also hopes to obtain a variety of nutrients in it, while the appearance is also beautiful, people have appetite. Like the more popular fancy cereals, it is a kind of oatmeal treated with maple syrup or honey, and mixed with nuts and dried fruit.

Truth: From the perspective of appearance and ingredients, it seems to be a healthy food combination. But we have to say that it also contains a lot of fat and sugar, and if you calculate it carefully, the calories are very high. Although it is really delicious, it still has to control the amount.

Second, fruit yogurt

There are all kinds of yoghurt on the refrigerated shelves of the supermarket. The most eye-catching is the fruit yoghurt. It likes to pack itself with various nutrient nouns, such as “organic” and “natural”, and it also contains Rich in flesh, it is right to choose it!

Truth: Under these glamorous appearances, it also contains a lot of sugar. A box of 200g fruit yoghurt, the heat can reach more than 200 calories. Instead of drinking granulated yogurt, it is better to have a cup of plain yogurt + fresh fruit, which is more nutritious and lower in calories.

Third, vegetable salad

Mixing bright vegetables with various colors and mixing them into salads is an appetizer in the hot summer months and is very popular among people. The fruits and vegetables in the salad are indeed rich in vitamins and minerals, but most of the salad dressings are high in fat and high in calories. If you add some fried chicken in the salad, you can get away from healthy food.

Truth: The calories of the salad are very high, a large portion of the mixed vegetable salad, where the calories of the salad are as high as 800 kcal, even higher than a burger. Therefore, when pairing with your salad, always remember that fresh vegetables are the protagonists, you can add some lean or boiled eggs and a small serving of coarse grains. The most important thing is to put less salad dressing.

Fourth, sushi fancy rolls

Sushi is a traditional Japanese food. Nowadays, many young people and children like to eat, which is the perfect food. The protein rich in seafood, unsaturated fatty acids, and a small amount of rice. If you add more vegetables, it is a healthy and healthy meal.

Truth: Although sushi is a nutritious and healthy food, not all sushi is so healthy. For example, tempura rolls, or a variety of fancy rolls, not only fried, but also add mayonnaise. It is worth noting that the sodium content of the soy sauce used to knead sushi is not low. Therefore, it is best to eat brown rice rolls with fresh vegetables and not to sauce.

Five, juice

As we all know, juice is rich in vitamins, so many people like to order a cup of freshly squeezed juice when eating out. Although the freshly squeezed juice has the taste of fruit and some vitamins, the dietary fiber in the pulp is lost when juicing, and it is not excluded that some juice shops add extra sugar to the freshly squeezed juice for the sake of good taste.

Truth: In fact, juice is the hardest hit area of   invisible sugar. If you choose a juice drink, let alone. Only about 10% of pure juice, some simply a mixture of pigments, sugar or sweeteners. Therefore, whether it is drinking juice or eating dried fruit, it is better to eat fruits more healthily.

Six, fried fish

Deep-fried octopus, small yellow croaker... crispy and tender, with a light fishy aroma between the teeth, it is delicious on the table, and can also be eaten as a snack. Fish is known as a healthy, low-calorie health food, and even the American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least twice a week.

Truth: We have always said that it is a healthy food. It is right to eat fish. But be sure to pay attention to the cooking method. Once the fish is thrown into the frying pan and then served with a variety of high-oil, high-salt, high-sugar sauce, it has nothing to do with health. The best way to fish is to steam.

Seven, vitamin drinks

Vitamin drinks are healthier than other diets. This drink is a direct combination of two healthy nutrients, vitamins and water, but it is not a good choice to drink vitamin drinks as water.

Truth: This drink is a bit sour to drink, but the mouth feels very good. In addition, you do not know that the sugar added to these drinks is also considerable, and the proportion of vitamins may not be suitable for everyone. If you want to maintain a healthy diet, or quit all kinds of packaged drinks, the most common water is your good friend.

Eight, coarse grain biscuits

In recent years, the health effects of coarse grains have been vigorously promoted everywhere. In order to supply market demand, various coarse grain biscuits are born in the market. They claim to have a large amount of dietary fiber, which at first glance looks like a healthy food. These fibers do exist, but unfortunately they are all wrapped in fat!

Truth: We know that insoluble fiber is very rough to eat. However, in order to be able to sell better, manufacturers add a lot of sugar and fat to many coarse grain biscuits. Therefore, the fat content of coarse grain cake is very high and should be eaten with caution.

The contents of the above terms are all from the network, all of which are based on the original author's point of view and are for reference only. They do not represent the position of Jingdong.

Everyone smells this market. Not only unified, Weiquan, Bailanshi, Wuzhou, Yongxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and even Shun Paradise have launched a single-package of healthy food, grabbing the convenience and rapid health market.

Not only do people start to go to convenience stores to buy health, but if you pay attention, you will find that healthy food has already invaded our three meals a day.

For example, breakfast is served with lycopene (known as anti-cancer) toast and whitening yogurt. The high-calcium orange juice that strengthens the bones after lunch, the salad oil for dinner cooking adds vitamin D and E, and the rice eaten adds oatmeal, which is said to lower cholesterol.

Although there are strict regulations on healthy foods in law, it means that special nutrients and foods with health benefits are called healthy foods, and to obtain health food certification, there are only 37 kinds of certifications that are currently certified. Can be used as general food sales.

But consumers don't think so.

In the market, from ordinary tomatoes to rare Ganoderma lucidum, from Western vitamins to oriental grass tea, there are people who support it.

From the perspective of efficacy claims, from the early nutrition and health care, the elimination of fatigue, to the inability to ingest a balanced nutrition, and continued to the popular anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and cancer treatment in recent years, the sentence is tempting.

"In the minds of consumers, foods that are good for health are called healthy foods," said Zheng Huiwen, a professor of pharmacy at Taipei Medical University.

According to research conducted by the Food Industry Research Institute, about 77% of people in Taiwan have eaten healthy food in the past few years. The market for a year is about 20 billion, which is equivalent to about one-fourth of the annual health care payment for hospitalization.

The industry also understands that it has escaped the "no claims efficacy" specification of the Healthy Foods Management Act. If you carefully watch TV commercials, the advertisement does not say that its product tomato juice can fight cancer, but lycopene, and quoted the classics. Single-packaged health foods are aimed at consumers' situations, such as "it's hard to stand up." It doesn't say that this product can "treat osteoporosis and help you stand up," observed nutritionist Zhao Qiang.

Historically, the health value of food has never been valued in the first place, but in the end, what role should healthy food play in our lives? What kind of myths do you have about healthy food?

5 myths about healthy food

Myth 1: Treat healthy food as medicine

When people reach middle age, it is inevitable that the indexes of blood sugar, cholesterol and blood lipids will be too high. Many people will start to look for healthy food to eat. It is no wonder that there will be health foods on TV that say that as long as you eat and then go back to the big hospital for inspection, Will know if it works.

"As long as the index climbs high, it is necessary to return to medical care. (Chronic disease) There are already many good therapeutic drugs, no need to rely on healthy foods," said Chen Zhaozi, director of the hospital's pharmacy department.

2: Rescuing improper habits with healthy food

For example, some people have continuous entertainment and no time to exercise. Over time, not only are they overweight, but also triglycerides are high. They want to buy fish oil to reduce triglycerides.

Indeed, there is some research evidence that fish oil can help reduce triglycerides, but fish oil also increases the concentration of LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases the chance of LDL oxidation in the body, so the American Heart Association (AHA) has never recommended patients. Eat fish oil.

"When you want to lower the triglyceride from the beginning of weight loss, it may be more effective to play the game," said Chen Yurong, head of the Dietary Supply Group of the Nutrition Department of National Taiwan University Hospital.

For example, if you want to lose weight, if you don't change your diet and increase your exercise volume, you want to lose weight by adding certain specific nutrients to your yogurt. Moreover, "there is sugar and fat in the yogurt, and it is a lot of fat," said nutritionist Chen Yurong.

3: Expecting a service to be effective

Just as your eating habits are long-term, healthy foods should be taken for a long time to improve your health.

For example, to treat osteoporosis, it can't be effective in one or two days, so when you are "can't stand it," you only have to eat a few healthy foods. "Are you relieved?" said Zhao Qiang, director of nutrition at Ma Rong Hospital.

4: headache, headache, foot pain

Just like a diet, the more diverse, the more nutrients can be taken, providing a more comprehensive protection of the body.

So if you want to add nutrients, dietitians will recommend a combination of vitamins that do not exceed the recommended daily amount. It is not recommended to supplement certain nutrients separately, which can also avoid excessive sputum.

5: Healthy foods are not effective

Excessive or mismarketing of many healthy foods causes consumer exclusion and distrust. In fact, if you look at healthy foods correctly, you can still get health benefits from healthy foods.

Professor Zheng Huiwen once exemplified that the life style of a person can be divided into a healthy period, a disease incubation period and a recovery period.

When you are healthy, eat food to fill your stomach, take medicine when you are sick, but if you can increase the intake of special nutrients during the recovery period, the disease will be better; if you can eat food that increases resistance during the incubation period, the body It is not easy to get sick (see "When can the health food work best?" on page 40).

After a physical examination, the 35-year-old office worker Huang Yiwen found that the cholesterol index has reached 280 (the upper limit of normal value is 200), but her HDL (good cholesterol) is 52, which is still very satisfactory. Although the doctor thinks that it does not need to be treated, she still I hope to improve.

She filters the diet first, reduces the food that will increase cholesterol, and increases exercise, but cholesterol still cannot be reduced. So she went to the health food red 麴, and confirmed that the brand was certified online. After 3 months, the cholesterol dropped to 230.

Although not every item of health food is suspicious, knowing how to choose is still very important. The following five tips will allow you to choose good health foods smarter and safer.

5 tips for purchasing healthy food

1: First check if you get certified

When you want to buy healthy foods, you can check to see if the product has a health food certification (see “Certified Health Foods” on page 42). Because to obtain certification, there must be basic toxicity tests to ensure safety, and must also be accompanied by experiments to prove the efficacy, the most basic protection for consumers. There are currently 37 certified products.

2: Read the product label carefully

Compared to the 37 certified health foods, consumers face thousands of uncertified products. Therefore, I have to look at the product label first. "The more clearly the manufacturer is marked, the more likely it is to be responsible," said Director Chen Zhaozi.

Then the labeling of the ingredients is also learned, not only depends on the ingredients of the ingredients, but also on the serving size of the active ingredients. For example, manufacturers indicate that their products help bone health. You should look at not only the raw materials such as crab shell powder and pearl powder, but how many effective ingredients are there. There are many examples that are expensive. Most of the capsules are starch.

3: Buy or choose a big brand in a large channel

Zheng Huiwen, a professor of pharmacy at Taipei Medical University, believes that big brands (especially state-owned brands) and large-channels are less likely to sell outrageous products. Don't believe that the Internet and some of the direct sellers exaggerate the useful products. "The more you claim that everything is effective, the more you should be careful," Chen said.

4: Talk to your doctor and dietitian

Before you plan to take healthy food, it is best to talk to your doctor or dietitian, especially if you are taking the medicine. Because it should not be eaten, it is not only about whether this healthy food is effective, but because your physical condition is not suitable for eating, you must make overall considerations.

5: Educate yourself

Another implication of healthy food is that consumers can improve their health by understanding nutrition. So, you can take a more positive attitude to understand nutrition, not just as a lamb to be slaughtered.

For example, the US Plants Council has the latest research and safety assessments.

Just as fish oil does not guarantee a healthy heart, Ginkgo cannot guarantee increased memory. So far, the nutrition industry knows the most and the most guaranteed health foods. It is still eating a variety of foods in your three meals, including

Facial brushes allow to clean and remove impurities from the skin quickly. Use them daily to get smooth and flawless skin.

Have you tried electric facial brushes? They are becoming a new step in the beauty routine, but there is still a general lack of knowledge about its benefits and usefulness. However, surely you have ever felt that your skin is not clean and free of impurities or that it is filled with grease and dirt, just a few hours after leaving it flawless.

What is a facial brush?
Facial brushes work by removing dirt and impurities from the skin and pores, using rotating or vibrating movements, depending on the type of brush chosen. It is an instrument that facilitates the daily cleaning of the face, allows to achieve a clean and imperfections-free complexion, and improves blood circulation. Although to achieve all these results requires constancy.

How is it used?
The first step is to check if it is electric or battery operated to know if we should recharge the battery, connect it to the power or simply put batteries. Next, we must moisten our face with plenty of water and apply a light layer of soap, facial cleanser or scrub, depending on our usual cleaning products.

After turning on the brush, we will pass it all over the face in circular motions, starting from the cheeks towards the nose and continuing through the chin until reaching the forehead, place where more fat tends to accumulate. Its use should not last more than one minute, to be divided between the different areas of the skin, depending on the needs of each. And, when finished, you have to clean your face again with water and dry it well.

What are its benefits?
It is an instrument that works deeply and quickly removes impurities. In less than a minute it leaves your skin clean and free of dirt. In addition, it will remove the remains of makeup that sometimes cost us so much to take off. After continuous and daily use, facial brushes promise to reduce pore size.

What types of facial brushes exist?
The wide range of these instruments for skin care and skin cleaning is classified into different types according to the movements, the types of bristles of the brush and the functions they possess.

Depending on the movements

They can produce rotational movements, in which the bristles rotate circularly to remove dirt and eliminate impurities from the skin. On the other hand, there are those that work with vibration and act by removing impurities and cleaning the pores, thanks to an internal plate that generates this vibration.

Depending on the type of bristles

It is possible to differentiate between a brush with soft bristles or natural fibers for a gentle cleansing of the skin, suitable for sensitive skin; and one of hard bristles for thicker skins.

Multifunction brushes

These instruments have a tool that removes blackheads and improves clogging of pores, before cleaning and facial massage.

Brushes with integrated light

Those that include a blue LED light are specially designed to prevent and reduce skin blemishes and pore size.

Use tips
If the facial brush works by means of a rechargeable battery, remember and check that it is sufficiently charged so that it does not run out before you finish the skin cleaning.
Vary the speeds depending on your skin and the results you want to achieve, increasing it to achieve a deeper exfoliation or decreasing it if you must protect your skin by being sensitive.
If you have different heads for your facial brush, you will also increase the cleaning options and get better results when treating the area completely.
If you don't have much time, choose one that is waterproof and can be completely submerged. This way, you can use it under the shower and save yourself a few more minutes.
Wash the bristles with a neutral soap after each use to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and promote the life of the brush.
Mary Kay has launched a new facial brush on the market, the Skinvigorate Sonic Skin Care System, an instrument that promises superior cleaning in just 1 minute.

Mary Kay Skinvigorate Sonic Skin Care System
The facial brush stands out for its sonic power that oscillates more than 200 times per second, providing oscillating vibrations and deep cleaning. Eliminates impurities that clog pores thanks to its different heads that allow better results. It can be regulated and used with up to three different speeds and a one minute automatic timer.

Eliminates dirt, impurities, grease, makeup and pollution, as well as cleaning in the most difficult places to reach thanks to its 20,000 microcells. It can be used twice a day and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

The brush is rechargeable and has red and green LED indicators that warn when the device needs recharging and when it is charged. In addition, being waterproof can be used under the shower. Your purchase includes: the device, 1 facial cleansing head and a USB cable to charge it.

Mary Kay facial cleansers
Mary Kay facial cleansers are indicated for use in combination with the Skinvigorate Sonic Skin Care System facial brush. They are formulated to remove impurities and leave the skin clean and exfoliated, giving it more luminosity. If we complement the products, the results will improve and we will achieve a radiant and smoother skin.

The LUNA 2 equipment is based on the T-Sonic ™ technology (transdermal sonic pulses), which uses its power to gently clean the skin, removing dead cells and freeing the pores of 99.5% of the sonic cleaning brush. dirt and grease, even - as we talked before - makeup remains, thus improving the absorption of your favorite products. (Available on Amazon)

Facial Cleansing Brush, Remington Reveal FC1000
Remington's Reveal facial cleansing brush incorporates a double-acting vibrating and rotating head that optimizes the cleaning process. In addition, this beauty device includes a 1 minute timer that warns you every 20 seconds with a slight vibration so that you pass from one area to another of the face to achieve a deep and complete cleaning of the skin. (Available on Amazon)

Electric cleaning brush and facial epilator Braun Face 852 (Ruby Edition)
The electric cleaning brush and facial epilator Braun Face 852 electric cleaning brush and facial epilator Braun Face 852 allows you to enjoy up to 7 treatments with a single device: you just have to change the accessories. Accurately removes root facial hair with the epilator and thoroughly cleanses the skin with the facial brush. It has an accessory for precision delipation, and a toning head. In addition, a set of 5 brushes that adapt to each of the phases of your facial routine: exfoliation, cleaning, massage and applicator for your creams and treatments. (Available on Amazon)

We explain how to protect your colored blond hair from the sun, chlorine and saltpeter so that this year you will not return from vacation with green hair.

There are problems that you will only understand if you also decided to bet on blonde hair. Surely you still resonate in your head the advice of your stylist since you went to make those California wicks for the first time, or threw yourself to try that blond ash scandal. "The blond is a very sensitive color, it is important that you take good care of your hair if you want to keep the color," they said. And surely you did the best you could during the rest of the year, but the dreaded summer arrives, with its swimming pools, its beach Sundays and its afternoons in the sun. Undoubtedly we all deserve to succumb to those irresistible moments, but the strong process of discoloration to which the hair is exposed to obtain blonde shades causes it to become especially weak and sensitive to external agents such as saltpeter from seawater, chlorine from the pool, or the penetration of UVA rays.

Yes, blonde hair is undoubtedly one of the most demanding. Blond tones tend to lose brightness and luminosity easily, especially after summer, so it is essential to follow a good routine of specific care throughout the year, and apply products specially designed to protect and repair blond hair.

One of the consequences of this weakening to which this type of hair is exposed during the hottest months, in addition to the weakening, is oxidation, and that dreaded greenish or orange hue that can make our summer look that we had taken care of so much Go to waste in a matter of days.

Why does blonde hair turn green or orange?
No, it's not black magic. Behind this unpleasant greenish coloration there is a scientific explanation: first, by bleaching the hair, it can suffer damage at a deep structural and compositional level, which makes it more porous, something that facilitates the penetration of chemical compounds They are found in the pool water. Specifically, the cause of this reaction in the hair is copper that comes from copper sulfate (II) pentahydrate (CuSO4), which is used as a fungicide and algaecide. This compound is, in its origin, blue, but when mixed with the yellow shades of the hair ... Voilà, green hair! The good news is that this compound is not present in the sea water, so if you go to the beach you will not have to worry.

How can I prevent and repair the damage?
There are several tricks and beauty routines that will help you keep the color as good as possible during the summer months:

Start pampering your hair in spring: so that the color survives the summer in conditions, the ideal is that, around the month of April, the intensity of the blond begins to decrease and opts for somewhat darker options, since the sun exposure, salt and chlorine brighten hair. Platinum blondes are also a good alternative, as summer enhances their tones.
Use shampoos, conditioners and masks with pigments that keep the color alive, and combine them with hair treatments that contain antioxidant, restorative and moisturizing properties, as they are more effective in preventing color deterioration. The Color Renew range, by John Frieda, incorporates a purple shampoo and conditioner specially designed to prevent this oxidation process.
Apply a mask of coconut oil: this oil is a great ally for blonde hair in summer, as it protects the surface of hair exposed to the sun and absorbs part of UV radiation. Added to its penetrating power in the hair fiber, it can help protect and recover blond hair.
Do not take off your hat: it is essential to protect the head (and therefore the hair) from the sun's rays, and for this there is no simpler and more effective way than a good hat. Similarly, you can apply specific hair protection products, which create an effective protection barrier not only against the sun, but also against salt and water chlorine. Ah! And don't forget to wash your hair as soon as possible when you leave the pool.

After a long period of hibernation, when we finally put on our sandals, our feet can 'look' dry and cracked, an unequivocal sign of poor hydration. There are many women who avoid wearing their feet uncovered, despite the heat, or carefully select summer shoes so that they do not expose an area of ​​the body with which they do not feel particularly comfortable. The feet need little care, but they demand the basics. The first measures can happen, precisely, not to forget them.

Why do corns and hardnesses appear?
Corns and hardnesses are hardening of the epidermis produced by rubbing and pressure exerted on the feet, which generates a cellular multiplication that causes the appearance of dead cells on the corneal layer and thickening.

What is the difference between both?
Corns and hardness originate for the same reason, however, they differ in how and where they appear. The calluses are small in size, usually appear in the joints and cause a lot of discomfort and pain, since from the nucleus they exert pressure on the nerve endings in order to reach the bone. The hardnesses are larger than corns, they have no nucleus, their touch is rough, and they can increase in size and acquire a yellowish color. Normally, they appear on the sole of the foot, although they can also be found on the heel or on the sides. Another of the big differences is that they don't hurt.

Tips to take care of your feet
Like a beauty routine, your feet also deserve good daily care, especially considering that they support the weight of the body throughout the day. Foot care should become another habit. To do this, here are some tips that you should follow to get a well-groomed foot. You won't mind teaching them anymore!

Step 1: good hygiene

When we are in the shower, sometimes, we can forget to lather our feet and think that nothing happens. Error! The feet also need plenty of soap and water, as they are exposed to heat, moisture, bacteria and fungi. Ideally, use a neutral soap and wash them well, remembering also to rub between your fingers.

Step 2: dry your feet very well

Instead of getting out of the shower and drying yourself quickly, knowing that you will still be wet, spend more time drying yourself from head to toe. You should do it carefully and always remember to dry between the toes, an area that we normally neglect.

Step 3: moisturizer, always

Are you one of those who put moisturizer on the body and when you reach the ankles stop applying it? Many of us forget to reach the feet and also massage them with the cream, however, we should always rub them because they need constant hydration. Otherwise, the dryness that we dislike so much appears. If they are quite dehydrated use a cream of dry and cracked feet to get better results in less time.

Step 4: exfoliation

You also use them for the face and body, why not also apply them on the feet? Using an exfoliating product every two weeks helps eliminate dead skin cells, improving the appearance of your feet and freeing them from dead skin.

Little tricks, great remedies
An effective measure, at night, is to soak them with water and salt to relax them, and then remove impurities and dead skin with pumice, an ideal volcanic rock to gently scrape the areas where the hardnesses appear. Adopting this habit a couple of times a week is a guarantee of clean and soft feet.
In both summer and winter, it is essential to wear comfortable shoes, avoid chafing and too thin soles. Ah! And don't forget to extend the use of sunscreen on foot this summer. The instep is one of the areas that most easily burn.
Perform a warm foot bath: it is advisable to put them with coarse salt for 30 minutes, on a weekly basis, and perform a bath that combines hot and cold water for a few minutes, every fifteen days.

You have dull skin, you see them and you want them to comb that dry tangle in which your hair has become… Don't worry! We bring you the solution

As we said recently when we talked about the dangers of the sun on our skin, there is no doubt that summer is the season that harms our skin and our hair. Now that we are approaching the end of the summer, we begin to see the trace of all these summer excesses: the dryness of our hair and the discoloration caused by chlorine and saltpeter, the occasional new spot on the skin as a result of the hours Sun exposure or the appearance of fine wrinkles are just some of the signs that we have dehydrated hair and skin.

In fact, some studies have noted that up to 80% of skin aging is caused by solar radiation. To this we must also add other external agents that damage our skin during the summer, such as insect bites or the fact that our feet dry more easily when wearing open shoes. As for our hair, dryness occurs mainly when the melanin and keratin present in the hair are damaged, something that is also a consequence of the effect of sunlight.

Yes, we may have got a bit dramatic, after all, it is only a small price to pay for having enjoyed a luxury vacation, but it is undeniable that when September comes our hair and our skin are not in Your best moment. That is why it is necessary that you pay attention to your body and that you follow some habits that will allow you to show off radiant skin and silky hair in a natural way, so that you face “back to school” with your best face. How to do it? Don't worry, here are some very simple beauty tips that will help you get it:

Say yes to serums
As we already noted when we taught you the secrets of ‘K-Beauty’, the Korean beauty ritual that has become so fashionable, the serum is the star product to energize and hydrate the skin, especially after summer. The wide variety of formulas that exist in the market makes it easy for us to find the ideal serum that penetrates the skin and is capable of repairing the cells. Skin Genetics anti-stain serum, for example, regulates melanin and promotes cell renewal, so it is perfect to tune our skin to a change of season.

The power of vitamins
To make both our skin and our hair look healthy and bright, we must bear in mind that beauty begins inside. That means that following a balanced diet and as natural as possible is essential to improve our appearance. For this, vitamin C and manganese are one of our best allies, as they contribute to the proper functioning of our metabolism and regulate the formation of collagen, responsible for maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Hydrate inside and out
When it comes to recovering our hair, maintaining complete hair hydration is the most important thing. For this, it is advisable to opt for products that do not contain sulfates, parabens, alcohol or any artificial dye. Argan oil, for example, has a great reparative capacity and is quickly absorbed by the hair, leaving it soft and nourished. Another of the ideal candidates for rehydrating hair is Monoi oil, which is extracted by infusing Tahiti gardenias petals in coconut oil. Both oils are perfect to provide the vitality and nutrition that your hair needs.

Treat your hair delicately
Another factor that we often overlook in our hair care is the hairstyle. If we want our hair to look spectacular, we must avoid brushes and combs that cause pulls. Today there are products specially designed to prevent hair breakage, such as the Tangle Teezer brush range, whose barbed system is created to untangle even the most rebellious mane.

The conditioners are your allies
To carry out a deep hydration of the hair after the summer, it is not enough to use a good mask a couple of times per week. Although if they are used in excess they can make the hair greasy, the conditioners help to get our hair to recover its strength and shine.

Changing the conventional shampoo for a natural one, without silicones or sulfates, is not a quick process, but it is not impossible either. The transition to organic cosmetics brings us many benefits, but it must be done respecting a small detox protocol that is worth following to restore the health of our hair.

Do you already know the virtues of organic cosmetics but do not find the right shampoo? It is very likely that, if you have concluded that the use of bio cosmetic products is the healthiest thing for you and the planet, you have made the step of trying it, but it has been a failure. While it is true that the transition from the conventional to the biological of certain synthetic products such as body cream, facial moisturizer, tonic or gel, is absolutely easy and satisfactory, we cannot say the same with shampoo: the vast majority of people who wash their hair for the first time with an organic shampoo are dissatisfied. Why?

First, because organic shampoos make little foam and that changes that pleasant experience in the shower. And the belief that foam is what washes and cleanses hair is sustained through the thousands of ads we've always seen on television. But that is not true: conventional shampoos contain foaming chemicals that have no other purpose than to generate that pleasant foamy sensation in the shower but, in reality, are not necessary.

And, secondly, it is likely that our hair, once washed with an eco shampoo, is rougher than usual, becomes more tangled, has more frizz effect or gets dirty faster. In short, we do not recognize it, we do not like it at all and automatically give up using an organic shampoo.

That happens because the sulfates of conventional shampoos, despite being powerful detergents, are also aggressive ingredients that eliminate the natural oils that our body creates. Therefore, when we stop applying them, our body must “relearn” to generate the natural fat of the scalp and at the beginning, and as a consequence of this accumulation, it has a rougher or more dry appearance.

Silicones, meanwhile, present in shampoos, conditioners, masks and lacquers, are those that act as emollients and cuticle sealers and tend to accumulate as waste in our hair. Due to its cumulative effect, silicones cause the hair to get dirty more easily and we need to wash it more often. And here begins the vicious circle of conventional shampoos: the more we wash our hair, the more it gets dirty and the faster we have to wash it again.

Actually, when we start using an organic shampoo, what our hair is experiencing is a detox process: just like our body expels toxins in the form of acne or sweat when we do a cleansing diet, when we test a certified product, our hair It is trying to get rid of chemicals accumulated through conventional shampoos, loaded with silicones and sulfates, among many other chemicals, such as the famous parabens. All of them give a false sensation of cleanliness, softness and shine, since they "mask" real hair, seal it, but do not nourish it and prevent it from receiving hydration and nutrients.

So how to make the transition to an organic shampoo?
First of all, it is convenient to take patience. From what we have commented, it is very common that the first ecological shampoo we try does not like us and that our hair needs a few washes to go detoxifying and recover its shine, shape and real texture.

In order not to suffer too much, we propose you to transition gradually by following these steps:

Remove all hair products that contain silicones: check the ingredients list and exclude those that contain PEG or polyquaternium.
Use a non-ecological transition shampoo: without silicones, but with less aggressive sulfates, such as Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (not to be confused with Sodium Laureth Sulfate). Some of them are natural, but without ecological certification.
Moisturize with natural masks once a week: we can buy them already prepared with ecological certification or choose to directly apply homemade masks or bio oils such as coconut or olive oils.
Definitely use organic shampoo: also free of sulfates and with ecological certification. If you have not been persuaded, try another brand until you find your favorite that leaves your hair softer, cleaner and healthier.