More and more people walk into the gym, boys want to train strong muscles, girls want perfect S body. However, there are differences in body structure, function, and hormone levels between men and women. What are the differences in fitness methods?
Aerobic, anaerobic combination, remember to do stretching after training

Anaerobic exercise refers to high-speed and intense exercise of muscles in the state of “hypoxia”, such as running, weightlifting, throwing, high jump, tug-of-war, muscle strength training, etc. There are many forms of aerobics, such as brisk walking, jogging, aerobics, swimming, cycling, and various treadmills, bicycles, and step machine exercises.

When women lose weight, they should combine aerobic exercise with anaerobic exercise. They must do some aerobic exercise such as raising the legs and running back and forth, as well as anaerobic exercise such as squatting and sit-ups. Women's physique is weaker than that of boys, and they are more likely to be injured during exercise, so early warm-up exercises and late stretching exercises are very important. During training, the muscles are in a state of tension. Stretching can reduce the secretion of lactic acid, reduce the pain, and make the muscles more harmonious and more beautiful, avoiding a large piece of muscle.

Aerobics are suitable for men and women, fitness programs vary from person to person

Some men who participate in fitness think that the aerobics movements are too dance-like, feminine and masculine, not suitable for men. In fact, the more the aerobics are, the better they look, so men have an advantage. Women's coordination ability and ligament softness are better than men's, and they jump well, so aerobics are suitable for men and women.

Fitness goals determine the difference between men and women in fitness classes. Men usually want to be trained to have 8 abdominal muscles, so there are more people who gain muscle and reduce beer belly. Women want to have a charming body, so women are mainly for body sculpting, weight loss and postpartum recovery.

Regardless of men and women, before the fitness, the coach will conduct physical examinations on the members and record all the indicators of the body. For example, if the fat content exceeds 20 kg, a goal of thinner monthly will be established. Also check your health, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Combine multiple indicators to finalize an exclusive fitness program.
Women can also do muscle exercises, requiring multiple small weights

Most women want to lose weight by reducing the belly, buttocks, thighs, and butterfly sleeves. Running is a way to do some muscle exercises, but it requires multiple sets, multiple times, and small weight exercises to reach women. The most desirable effect of burning fat, shaping and tightening the skin. If a woman is also as heavy as a male, it is possible to become a "female man."

In general, men have less fat than women, and women with a body fat level of less than 20% have a certain health risk, so don't be tempted to pursue the perfect body of those who are fitness, it is usually Under the guidance of professional guidance, it will be obtained through a certain period of time.

Women's weight loss can not be extremely dieting or exercise, which will affect the changes in various biological data in the body, and even lead to malnutrition and amenorrhea, which becomes the price of excessive weight loss. It is necessary to develop a reasonable frequency and intensity of exercise, starting with a gentle rhythm and gradual progress.
Doing the best, male sports need moderation

Men need to pay attention to exercise: the load should be based on their physical strength. Urgent to seek success, excessive exercise, want to reach a better level in a short period of time, carry out some high-intensity exercise, not only can not achieve the effect of fitness, but also make the blood supply and oxygen supply of the heart, lung, brain and other organs The amount is reduced in a short time.

In fact, in terms of calorie expenditure, exercise time is more important than intensity. Middle-aged people insist on walking, jogging, skipping, and other small, flexible and aerobic exercise, which can achieve calorie consumption, improve metabolism and improve physical fitness. .

General movements and small weight trials are all exerted by force, muscle inhalation, and exhalation when relaxing. When lifting a large weight or the last few trials, first exhale deeply, then hold the gas in the case of lifting, then take a deep breath. Exercise with your mouth to breathe, do stretching exercises before exercise to prevent muscle ligament strain, relax exercise after training, help eliminate muscle tension.

This should be said to be the most basic of the fitness tips, but it has been observed that many fitness students have neglected it - to wear the right clothes for practice. Your dress in the sports tube must ensure that your activities are free and safe. The biggest problem in the gym is that many male fitness students do not wear tops and exercise. Imagine, why do you let other students suffer from your "smelly smell"? Also don't wear any type of bodybuilding sleeveless t-shirt, at least you should wear a T-shirt.

Drink water regularly (before and during training and during training). This advice is not only for you when you are in the gym, it is suitable for everyday use, and drinking water is a good habit.

Make sure you have the right weight lifting skills. If you train with the wrong skills or methods, you will not only get any improvement, but also tend to strain your muscles, destroy tendons and ligaments, and even cause fractures.

Tips NO.4

You should do a warm-up before you start to contact the weightlifter. You can do a 5-10 minute bike practice first. 5-10 minutes is enough for your blood to pass naturally and the heart to move. The next step is to warm up, you can choose 40% of the weight you will practice to warm up, let your muscles adapt.

Don't try your best to lift the weight that exceeds your ability, although that makes you look stronger. Obviously, if the weight exceeds your load, you are likely to be injured. Don't bring vanity to the gym.

Take a training program to the gym. Some people are like this. There is no clear plan beforehand. In the gym, it is practiced immediately. As far as I know, some people may do 3 leg exercises a week, and completely ignore the training of other parts of the body, obviously because they do not have a clear fitness program. Experts suggest that you build a fitness program for yourself and write down your fitness log so that you have a clear goal and you can know your progress.

Focus on concentration. You must concentrate when you are training, which will help you maintain your correct posture, and it will probably lift your weight and help your muscles exercise and lose weight.

Your eating habits play an important role in your fitness. You must adjust your diet to your fitness effect. Without good eating habits, no one can achieve fitness success.

While you are exercising, you can take the relevant fitness supplements. This can help your fitness process, the specific method can consult your dietitian or coach.
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