1. No need to hang expert number for the first visit

The first consultation is mainly to ask about the medical history, issue related inspections, and hang the ordinary number.

2. Regardless of taking any medicine, avoid smoking

The salt and alkali contained in the smoke will speed up the degradation of the drug by the liver, resulting in a decrease in the concentration of the drug in the blood.

3. Breast hyperplasia without treatment

After a physical examination, 8 of 10 women had "mammary hyperplasia" problems, and most of them were benign. Pay attention to regular review.

4. See the hospital that treats cervical erosion quickly

The name "cervical erosion" has been canceled. If it is diagnosed as this thing, the hospital or doctor is not reliable.

5. Diabetes is not due to eating more sugar

The main cause of type 1 diabetes is heredity, and the main cause of type 2 diabetes is obesity.

7. Do not repeat medication

Take cold medicine as an example. Most cold medicines contain acetaminophen, a chemical ingredient that relies on heat and analgesia. If you take a variety of cold medicines at the same time, or a mixture of Chinese and Western medicines, the total dose will be unconsciously excessive, causing liver damage. damage.

8. Physical examination is very important

The sooner you diagnose and start treatment, the better.

9. Snoring is actually a disease

Severe can also cause apnea, and even some people will die in their sleep.

10. A cold does not have to take medicine, but be careful of complications

A cold does not have to take medicine, but if it is more than 7 days, the condition is not good, you should seek medical help in time.

11. Diarrhea without fasting

The traditional method of treating diarrhea advocates allowing children to fast for a period of time. In fact, this is not conducive to the body's nutritional supplements.

12. Do not apply any powdery things to the wound.

Whether it is a cut or a burn, the powder applied to the surface of the wound after the injury can cause severe scarring.

13. Antibiotics must be used in accordance with the doctor's advice, full-time use

Bacterial resistance is caused by the fact that bacteria cannot be completely killed by antibiotics, and some of the remaining drug resistance is dominant.

14. Nose nose blood is useless

Looking up can cause blood to be swallowed, causing discomfort or vomiting. When the amount of bleeding is large, it is easy to inhale into the trachea and lungs.

15. Don't believe that any method that can cure severe skin diseases quickly

For psoriasis, vitiligo and other diseases, the cause is mainly autoimmune abnormalities. The so-called remedies almost all use heavy metal poisons. This type of method does relieve symptoms, but the kidneys and liver are also affected.

16. Athlete's foot is a systemic disease

As long as there is a visible infection on the foot, there will be a distribution of fungi throughout the body. To cure it, it is necessary to cooperate with oral antifungal drugs.

17. Stomach ulcers have little to do with eating

The main cause of gastric ulcer is Helicobacter pylori interference. The main transmission channel is a common meal, which can be cured by antibiotics.

18. The mass of the body is more painful than the pain.

When it is found that there is an unexplained mass in the body, it is not painful and the activity is not good, the possibility of malignancy will be greatly improved.

19. Natural vitamins are no better than synthetic vitamins

Natural vitamins and synthetic vitamins do not have any difference in function. On the contrary, natural vitamins are more likely to introduce pollution and mixed with impurities during the production and extraction process.

20. Unplug a white hair will not grow ten

It is decided whether the hair that grows is black hair or white hair. It depends on the secretion of melanin in the body, and it has nothing to do with pulling out the hair.

21. Grinding teeth at night does not mean using anthelmintics

There are many causes of molars, such as mental stress, occlusion, and even systemic diseases.

22. Cactus can not prevent radiation

Cactus can withstand the damage of sunlight and ultraviolet rays, but the sun produces a kind of "radiation energy", which is different from the radiation generated by computer screens or other electrical appliances.

23. There is no such thing as "staying"

The rectum is usually empty and does not accumulate stool.

24. The steamed vinegar in the room does not sterilize

The steamed vinegar in the room has a certain bactericidal effect, but it requires a higher concentration than vinegar.

25. Drinking bone soup can not make calcium

Although the bone soup has a high nutritional value, the calcium content is not high, and the practical significance of calcium supplementation is not significant.

26. Although there are bisphenol A in the supermarket ticket, it will not cause cancer.

Bisphenol A is a low-toxic compound that can cause substantial harm to the human body only when the amount of contact is large and the contact time is long.

27. Eat duck blood, pig blood can not go to the dust in the lungs

There is currently no experimental or clinical evidence that small molecules that rely on food can remove dust from the lungs.

28. A lot of attention to the confinement is not necessary

In the past, the confinement of the moon was not able to brush your teeth, wash your hair, bathe, blow, go out, and make a big supplement. It seems that there is no reason.

29. Collagen is worse than eating eggs

Polymeric collagen cannot be absorbed through the skin. A protein that can really be added, eating an egg is enough.

30. Limited use of radiation protection for pregnant women

Although the fabrics of radiation protection products are indeed radiation-proof, these clothes have large openings and are limited in their ability to withstand electromagnetic radiation.

31. Do not use detergent for dishwashing

If the dish is not greasy, the dish cloth can also be heated. Excessive exposure to many chemical components in detergents can interfere with normal metabolism.

32. It is better to use juice instead of juice

Two cups of juice is equivalent to drinking 4-6 fruits of sugar. It is better to break a lot of vegetables and a small amount of fruit together, and let the slags drink together.

Fruit, plain nuts and plain yogurt.

33. Yogurt should be served 1-2 hours after a meal

If you eat a meal very full, a cup of yogurt immediately after a meal can only increase the burden on the intestines.

34. Eat half a grapefruit before meals, full stomach and lose weight

Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and has a lot of fiber content. It is easy to produce satiety and heat is low. In addition, it is rich in fruit acid, which can effectively stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, affect the absorption of nutrients, and thus suppress appetite.

35. Lotus root is a potato

Lotus root is also a potato, an aquatic root-root food, also known as a staple food, with a higher carbohydrate content than yam.

36. As long as it is no longer heated from the temperature, the remaining oil can be used

If the fried eggplant box can be fried pepper, season with pepper oil; when making the cake, you can put the filtered residual oil; you can also use it for leeks or soup, and put a spoonful of oil in boiling water when you cook. The leaves are bright and bright.

37. It’s useless to make up the body and only drink soup.

Even after stewing for a long time, the soup is only a very thin fat and water-soluble amino acid solution, the main nutrients are still in the meat.

38. Don't eat honey for children under 1 year old

Infant resistance is poor, if you accidentally eat honey contaminated with botulinum, it will cause botulism in infants.

39. Eat less and eat less peanuts

Whether the peanuts outside are difficult to distinguish, peanuts, corn, soybeans, nuts and other foods are mildewed, and the aflatoxins produced may cause acute poisoning or even death. Long doses to low doses may also increase the risk of cancer.

Life articles

40. Do not add essential oil in the humidifier.

Many humidifier merchants will also send you essential oils, but there is no benefit other than hurting your lungs.

41. Girls don’t want to lose weight

The normal metabolism of women requires a certain amount of fat. When the body fat percentage is less than 20%, irregular menstruation may occur, and lower levels may affect fertility.

42. There is only one way to lose weight

Is to let the energy intake is lower than the consumption, the simple summary is to open the legs and control the mouth.

43. Be careful with ear piercing

Ear piercing is also an operation. If you are a scar, you can become a keloid by ear piercing and have to be surgically removed. If the disinfection is not done well, hepatitis B and C may be transmitted.

44. Ventilation can remove formaldehyde most

After 3 months of forced ventilation in the living room, the concentration of formaldehyde in the room decreased by 75%.

45.   Pollen patients reduce their time during the day

From 10 am to 4 pm, the concentration of pollen in the air is the highest. During this time, patients with hay fever should try to reduce the outdoor activity time.

46. Old biting tongue may be a stroke

It is normal to bite your tongue occasionally, not to eat meat. It is often bitten. The common problem may be a stroke. The nerves of the brain are forced to force the tongue to move flexibly.

. Sitting on the sofa is not good for health

The texture of the sofa is too soft, and the lumbar vertebrae lack sufficient support. Over time, it will cause lumbar muscle strain, bone hyperplasia, and even induce lumbar disc herniation.
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