1. Morning exercise for 5 minutes: After getting up for 5 minutes, you can double the calories burned.
2, walking can obviously make bodybuilding, but also make obese people lose weight, thinners increase muscles; more importantly, walking can improve nervous system function and make emotions happy.
3, develop drinking habits: easy to digest food; prevent eye dryness, avoid rapid decline in vision.
4, no matter how busy, to eat breakfast: people who do not eat breakfast will be more likely to overweight, sleepy, doing things languid, but also easy to cause intestinal inflammation.
5, try to choose foods such as boiled, stewed, steamed, etc., avoid eating fried, heavy oil, or crispy food.
6, avoid picky eaters, people need to eat daily food, including cereals, fish, eggs, vegetables, and fruits, in order to balance nutrition.
7, avoid vigorous exercise after drinking cold drinks, it is best to drink light salt water, while adding sodium salt and water.
8, can not directly take a cold shower after playing basketball, otherwise it is easy to catch a cold or diarrhea at night.
9, more talks and more sighs, when you are sad, you can cry out, release your own toxins, reduce stress.
10, singing while bathing: singing loudly while bathing to promote the body to release endorphins, resulting in a sense of happiness and happiness.
11. Watching comedies and interacting with happy people can help maintain a happy mood and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
12, exercise at night can increase the level of testosterone, which is essential for the metabolism of energy.
13. Keep chewing gum in your pocket to help you maintain your oral hygiene.
14, away from the charging stand, the human body should be more than 30 cm away from it, do not put it at the bedside.
15. For boys with acne:
1 Keep your face and hands clean, and try to reduce the number of times your face touches your face.
2 Do not squeeze acne, otherwise it will leave sputum, pits, redness of the skin, and often acne in the same place
3 places where the acne is kept as dry and clean as possible
4 When the acne grows too serious, it will leave pigment spots, and the sun will add traces of dark spots.
5 sleep enough, sleep well, oil will secrete more
6 nervous, irritated will also accelerate the secretion of oil
7 choose acne products to be cautious and long-term adherence
16, sports: divided into aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise
Aerobic training is a long-distance training, and anaerobic training is short-distance, fast, and lack of durability training. If you do anaerobic training first, do aerobic training the next day, and ensure three days of exercise per week, so that body fat will be effectively converted into energy for muscle exercise, while enhancing metabolism. This aerobic, anaerobic combination of exercise will allow you to have a healthy and fit body shape, but it is not suitable for exercise for too long, it is easy to be weak after exercise, distracted in class, and the general exercise lasts for 30 minutes.
1> TV with food, food is not known. Many students sat in the front of the TV while eating, and they stared at the screen, their mouths were mechanically chewed, and the chopsticks stuffed food into their mouths. If you live longer, you will cause gastrointestinal diseases.
2> The throat tablets are sugar, and the mouth is "scarred." The throat tablets can be used to treat pharyngitis, hoarseness, mouth ulcers, bad breath and other diseases. However, if the throat is abused without obvious inflammation, it can inhibit the growth of normal flora in the mouth and throat, leading to disease.
3> Partially eaten meat and vegetables, very "injured".
4> Snacks when dinner, fainting in class. Excessive snacks can affect appetite, hinder the intake of meals, and thus affect the normal work of the body.
5> The computer is fun and the stomach is hurt. Sitting in front of the computer during meals and after a long meal, the gastrointestinal function subsided, and most of the online students did not choose the diet, and the food intake was insufficient.
6> Foods exceeding the standard food, slowly damage health.
7> Chang Guang Gu Street food stalls, unconsciously lurking disease. Street food stalls, especially temporary food stalls at the school gate, lack of sanitary conditions, food is susceptible to dust, exhaust gas and other bacteria-borne air pollution, plus some sources of fried food raw materials are unknown, long-term consumption of unclean fried food, the consequences It will be unimaginable.
8> Drink as water, drink nosebleeds.
9> Do not drink milk, the body is malnourished. Milk is very important for everyone. It is a food that provides high-quality protein. It has essential trace elements and amino acids, but some students have a partial eclipse and refuse to drink milk, causing malnutrition.
10> The barbecue is delicious and the price is too great. If you regularly eat a lot of high-calorie snacks without nutritional value before meals, it will cause gastrointestinal dysfunction over a long period of time; and long-term intake of protein foods that are too smoldering in the body can easily induce cancer.

1. When diarrhea, you can take ofloxacin capsules and berberine tablets.
2, mild sprained foot: In the early stage, ice compresses blood vessels and clotting, it is not suitable for external application of blood circulation drugs, so as to avoid more bleeding and swelling; 2
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