As a professional fitness instructor, you not only need to train hard, control your diet to keep fit, but also need to maintain your weight for a long time. 10 scientific fitness training tips to help you eliminate the ugly winter hoarding and prevent bounce. Lose weight, burn belly fat, and build muscle.

Ingest more protein
Protein not only helps build muscle, it also helps you retain your existing muscles while limiting your calorie intake. In addition, protein can make you feel full, and eating a food rich in meat or eggs will make you feel fuller than eating the same amount of grain.

Running for an hour may consume more calories than an hour of strength exercise, but weight training will allow you to burn calories for a few days after the workout. Repairing and rebuilding damaged muscle fibers requires energy, which is the calories you burn, otherwise it may be stored on your waist. In addition to metabolism, weight training can increase natural fatty hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone.

Pay attention to the snacks you eat.
Suppose you have restrained your diet and created new, lean muscles. Now I want to eat some snacks that you haven't eaten for a few months. Unfortunately, research shows that each snack has an average of nearly 500 calories, which is the average calorie you eat per meal! Eat a snack every day. It takes 3,500 calories a week, which is enough to make up a pound of fat you don't want. So eat less snacks and eat snacks wisely.

Drinking water
Researchers say that we feel hungry is that our body is short of water. Next time, if you are hungry in the morning, drink 16 ounces of water and wait 15 minutes. The sense of hunger will disappear. Green tea and black coffee are good choices because they promote metabolism.

Daily exercise
The leanest people in the world do more exercise every day than those who exceed the average weight. This means that if you are working in a full-time office, you may need to do more exercise than an hour of exercise every Wednesday to get and maintain a slim figure. Stand up and move around, take the stairs instead of taking the elevator and walk for 15 minutes in the block. Extra exercise, no matter how insignificant, helps to burn calories and increase the amount of exercise over time.

Studies have shown that people with insufficient sleep often feel hungry, hungry, and eat more (300 calories a day). Fight for 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night and fight to go to bed early instead of sleeping very late.

Eat breakfast
The recent trend of intermittent fasting, such as not eating breakfast, is very effective for some people. However, it is undeniable that eating a healthy breakfast can make most people lose weight and maintain weight. In addition, studies have shown that calories that are not eaten in the morning often need to be eaten in the evening to make up for snacks.

Eat green food
Vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber, and studies have shown that high-fiber foods can reduce the calorie intake of the next meal. They also prevent blood sugar fluctuations, which can lead to fatigue and hunger. Every meal must eat vegetables, in addition to training before or after, eat the whole fruit as a complementary energy snack, instead of sugary drinks.

Pay attention to grain intake
The current fanaticism of the hominid diet has demonized the grain, which is unfair. However, most people get and maintain their body when they limit their food intake. This part is due to the fact that the grain is ready-made and it is easy to eat too much. It’s wise to eat a grain a day, or eat it at breakfast, a few hours before or after lifting weights, or as part of the last meal of the day.

Eat more fat
The right fat in your diet can help you burn fat. The fat in the diet can make the feeling of fullness after a meal more durable and fight inflammation. Most of the fat should come from lean meat, but should be supplemented with fish oil at any time and cooked with unrefined coconut oil. Make a salad with olive oil.

Learn to continue these things! Fitness coach is a well-developed sunrise career, more and more people join in, you can also take advantage of your own efforts in the fitness industry to occupy their own place. Fitness is a lasting thing, hurry up, summer has just arrived, you still have time to create a perfect body

When you want to start from fitness, it is important to be prepared. Because muscles are not only developed through intensive training, but your diet and rest are also important. The type and amount of food is often a stumbling block. This is the reason for the article: Start with fitness.

Type of exercise
When you start strength training, you actually have two types of fitness exercises to choose from, knowing isolation exercises and compounding, or compound exercises. When you do isolation exercises, you actually only involve one muscle in your practice. If you choose compound or compound exercises, multiple muscles work with it. Many athletes who just started to exercise choose isolation sports, they can especially grow muscle groups. The opposite is true. Muscles are more susceptible to growth when working together. Increased cooperation between muscles due to improved coordination between muscles. In addition, several muscle groups work at the same time, so you can train more effectively and efficiently. If you want to discuss isolation exercises in your timeline, you can discuss them in your timeline.

Muscle group
That is: biceps, shoulders, stomach and chest are often on Monday. After all, Monday is the afternoon. If we look at the anatomy of the human body, we will find that there are few muscle groups missing. The body needs to be balanced and trained, so it is necessary to train all muscle groups. So the muscle groups you don't like or the muscles you can't see when wearing pants are the same. So, with a split plan, you train different muscle groups every day, but see your entire body throughout the week, or use a complete body plan, and you train your entire body every time.

Basic exercise
Earlier, we described the need for a newcomer to be a compound exercise. If you want to use these compound exercises, you can choose from 8 basic exercises that can be used to train your body once. Convenience, if you want to develop results and strength quickly, but also useful, you have very little time. These basic exercises are:

Chest muscles: bench press
Shoulder: Military Press
Shoulder: Standing
After: Latra
After: cable line
Biceps: Barbell Curls
Triceps: Lying triceps extension
Leg: θΉ²
Lower back + hamstrings: death elevator

How many days to train
When you first start training, it is sometimes difficult to determine how many days you can train. One guideline is that you should always leave your muscle group for 48 hours to fully recover. Then you quickly reach 3 days a week, where you train different muscle groups, each time you train. What did you look like this week?

Monday, Day 1: Legs
Many novice athletes will follow the crowd, and like everyone else, Monday's chest muscles will follow. It is a well-known phenomenon that every day is a chest day. But one downside is that everyone wants to train chest muscles on Monday. Therefore, all bench presses or other fitness equipment on the chest muscles on Monday are more busy than on other days. Don't start with Monday's chest muscles, but start with leg training.

You start to train your legs. is one of the heaviest but most effective exercises in your entire body. You can press the leg after you kneel down. Then focus on the hamstrings and then focus on the calves. Always use your legs from big to small.

Tuesday, Day 2: Chest and triceps
Because you trained your legs on Monday, you can freely choose to train every muscle group in your upper body on Tuesday. In this example, we will leave the chest and triceps on Tuesday. These are muscle groups and are usually trained on Mondays, so if you train your chest on Tuesday, the pressure on the equipment and machine will be small.

Start chest exercise and basic exercise: bench press. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a fan of the tilting bench press because he feels that his chest muscles are never big enough at the top. His theory is that if you train the top of the chest muscles, the bottom will grow. After the bench is pressed, you can use the dumbbell press to focus on the chest muscles separately, you can use the click deck or dumbbell to fly to exhaust the chest well. Because you use your triceps while training your chest muscles, you can train them. It is also advisable to change this time and do your back training after doing your triceps training.

Wednesday, rest day

Thursday, Day 3: Back, shoulders and biceps
Because you often use a large part of the triceps and chest muscles when doing shoulder exercises, we take a day off during training. This will allow you to train your back, shoulders and biceps on day 3. Start training with the back: cable lines, pull and upright lines. Then go to the shoulders, grab the military newspaper, do some insulation exercises for the shoulders afterwards, and train the front, side and back. Then you can train the biceps with the barbell curls. Use a hammer to curl your hair regularly to alternate these.

If you have a free training day on weekends, you can add an extra day of your choice through the above schedule.

As we described earlier, many starter fitness professionals focus on training. But training is only part of achieving muscle growth. In this way, in addition to stimulation and training, you need to take enough building materials to rest. After all, muscles grow when they are resting. What should you eat? You get a lot of building blocks from proteins (also called proteins). The main sources of protein are:

Slimming beef contains the necessary amount of protein and is often consumed by bodybuilders. In addition to protein, there are other nutrients in beef, such as iron and creatine. Be careful not to eat too much red meat.

Tuna, or what Jessica Simpson said, is the chicken in the sea, one of the best fish you can eat when you want to grow your muscles. Protein is almost as much as chicken and steak, but one of the big advantages of tuna is that it also contains important fats such as Omega 3.

Protein jitter
In order not to get tired of yourself all day with steak, turkey, chicken and tuna, there are also protein shakes in the form of supplements that you can take to get the necessary protein.

Another source of protein is eggs.

A good source of energy is undoubtedly oatmeal. Start your day and start with oatmeal, which ensures a slow intake of carbohydrates, giving you a steady energy arrow in the day.

brown rice
Like oatmeal, brown rice is recommended as a good source of carbohydrates. The advantage of brown rice is that it absorbs slowly and therefore does not cause insulin peaks.

fruits and vegetables
Remember, in addition to protein and carbohydrates, you need vitamins and minerals. You can get these from your fruits and vegetables. In addition, fruit is a good source of light and a source of carbohydrates. Change or enrich your oatmeal or curd cheese very well.

Your fat is essential in your diet. What we mean here is that fat is not fat, you are from deep frying pan, but from nuts. The recommended notes are almonds, walnuts and peanuts.
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