You have dull skin, you see them and you want them to comb that dry tangle in which your hair has become… Don't worry! We bring you the solution

As we said recently when we talked about the dangers of the sun on our skin, there is no doubt that summer is the season that harms our skin and our hair. Now that we are approaching the end of the summer, we begin to see the trace of all these summer excesses: the dryness of our hair and the discoloration caused by chlorine and saltpeter, the occasional new spot on the skin as a result of the hours Sun exposure or the appearance of fine wrinkles are just some of the signs that we have dehydrated hair and skin.

In fact, some studies have noted that up to 80% of skin aging is caused by solar radiation. To this we must also add other external agents that damage our skin during the summer, such as insect bites or the fact that our feet dry more easily when wearing open shoes. As for our hair, dryness occurs mainly when the melanin and keratin present in the hair are damaged, something that is also a consequence of the effect of sunlight.

Yes, we may have got a bit dramatic, after all, it is only a small price to pay for having enjoyed a luxury vacation, but it is undeniable that when September comes our hair and our skin are not in Your best moment. That is why it is necessary that you pay attention to your body and that you follow some habits that will allow you to show off radiant skin and silky hair in a natural way, so that you face “back to school” with your best face. How to do it? Don't worry, here are some very simple beauty tips that will help you get it:

Say yes to serums
As we already noted when we taught you the secrets of ‘K-Beauty’, the Korean beauty ritual that has become so fashionable, the serum is the star product to energize and hydrate the skin, especially after summer. The wide variety of formulas that exist in the market makes it easy for us to find the ideal serum that penetrates the skin and is capable of repairing the cells. Skin Genetics anti-stain serum, for example, regulates melanin and promotes cell renewal, so it is perfect to tune our skin to a change of season.

The power of vitamins
To make both our skin and our hair look healthy and bright, we must bear in mind that beauty begins inside. That means that following a balanced diet and as natural as possible is essential to improve our appearance. For this, vitamin C and manganese are one of our best allies, as they contribute to the proper functioning of our metabolism and regulate the formation of collagen, responsible for maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Hydrate inside and out
When it comes to recovering our hair, maintaining complete hair hydration is the most important thing. For this, it is advisable to opt for products that do not contain sulfates, parabens, alcohol or any artificial dye. Argan oil, for example, has a great reparative capacity and is quickly absorbed by the hair, leaving it soft and nourished. Another of the ideal candidates for rehydrating hair is Monoi oil, which is extracted by infusing Tahiti gardenias petals in coconut oil. Both oils are perfect to provide the vitality and nutrition that your hair needs.

Treat your hair delicately
Another factor that we often overlook in our hair care is the hairstyle. If we want our hair to look spectacular, we must avoid brushes and combs that cause pulls. Today there are products specially designed to prevent hair breakage, such as the Tangle Teezer brush range, whose barbed system is created to untangle even the most rebellious mane.

The conditioners are your allies
To carry out a deep hydration of the hair after the summer, it is not enough to use a good mask a couple of times per week. Although if they are used in excess they can make the hair greasy, the conditioners help to get our hair to recover its strength and shine.

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