Facial brushes allow to clean and remove impurities from the skin quickly. Use them daily to get smooth and flawless skin.

Have you tried electric facial brushes? They are becoming a new step in the beauty routine, but there is still a general lack of knowledge about its benefits and usefulness. However, surely you have ever felt that your skin is not clean and free of impurities or that it is filled with grease and dirt, just a few hours after leaving it flawless.

What is a facial brush?
Facial brushes work by removing dirt and impurities from the skin and pores, using rotating or vibrating movements, depending on the type of brush chosen. It is an instrument that facilitates the daily cleaning of the face, allows to achieve a clean and imperfections-free complexion, and improves blood circulation. Although to achieve all these results requires constancy.

How is it used?
The first step is to check if it is electric or battery operated to know if we should recharge the battery, connect it to the power or simply put batteries. Next, we must moisten our face with plenty of water and apply a light layer of soap, facial cleanser or scrub, depending on our usual cleaning products.

After turning on the brush, we will pass it all over the face in circular motions, starting from the cheeks towards the nose and continuing through the chin until reaching the forehead, place where more fat tends to accumulate. Its use should not last more than one minute, to be divided between the different areas of the skin, depending on the needs of each. And, when finished, you have to clean your face again with water and dry it well.

What are its benefits?
It is an instrument that works deeply and quickly removes impurities. In less than a minute it leaves your skin clean and free of dirt. In addition, it will remove the remains of makeup that sometimes cost us so much to take off. After continuous and daily use, facial brushes promise to reduce pore size.

What types of facial brushes exist?
The wide range of these instruments for skin care and skin cleaning is classified into different types according to the movements, the types of bristles of the brush and the functions they possess.

Depending on the movements

They can produce rotational movements, in which the bristles rotate circularly to remove dirt and eliminate impurities from the skin. On the other hand, there are those that work with vibration and act by removing impurities and cleaning the pores, thanks to an internal plate that generates this vibration.

Depending on the type of bristles

It is possible to differentiate between a brush with soft bristles or natural fibers for a gentle cleansing of the skin, suitable for sensitive skin; and one of hard bristles for thicker skins.

Multifunction brushes

These instruments have a tool that removes blackheads and improves clogging of pores, before cleaning and facial massage.

Brushes with integrated light

Those that include a blue LED light are specially designed to prevent and reduce skin blemishes and pore size.

Use tips
If the facial brush works by means of a rechargeable battery, remember and check that it is sufficiently charged so that it does not run out before you finish the skin cleaning.
Vary the speeds depending on your skin and the results you want to achieve, increasing it to achieve a deeper exfoliation or decreasing it if you must protect your skin by being sensitive.
If you have different heads for your facial brush, you will also increase the cleaning options and get better results when treating the area completely.
If you don't have much time, choose one that is waterproof and can be completely submerged. This way, you can use it under the shower and save yourself a few more minutes.
Wash the bristles with a neutral soap after each use to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and promote the life of the brush.
Mary Kay has launched a new facial brush on the market, the Skinvigorate Sonic Skin Care System, an instrument that promises superior cleaning in just 1 minute.

Mary Kay Skinvigorate Sonic Skin Care System
The facial brush stands out for its sonic power that oscillates more than 200 times per second, providing oscillating vibrations and deep cleaning. Eliminates impurities that clog pores thanks to its different heads that allow better results. It can be regulated and used with up to three different speeds and a one minute automatic timer.

Eliminates dirt, impurities, grease, makeup and pollution, as well as cleaning in the most difficult places to reach thanks to its 20,000 microcells. It can be used twice a day and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

The brush is rechargeable and has red and green LED indicators that warn when the device needs recharging and when it is charged. In addition, being waterproof can be used under the shower. Your purchase includes: the device, 1 facial cleansing head and a USB cable to charge it.

Mary Kay facial cleansers
Mary Kay facial cleansers are indicated for use in combination with the Skinvigorate Sonic Skin Care System facial brush. They are formulated to remove impurities and leave the skin clean and exfoliated, giving it more luminosity. If we complement the products, the results will improve and we will achieve a radiant and smoother skin.

The LUNA 2 equipment is based on the T-Sonic ™ technology (transdermal sonic pulses), which uses its power to gently clean the skin, removing dead cells and freeing the pores of 99.5% of the sonic cleaning brush. dirt and grease, even - as we talked before - makeup remains, thus improving the absorption of your favorite products. (Available on Amazon)

Facial Cleansing Brush, Remington Reveal FC1000
Remington's Reveal facial cleansing brush incorporates a double-acting vibrating and rotating head that optimizes the cleaning process. In addition, this beauty device includes a 1 minute timer that warns you every 20 seconds with a slight vibration so that you pass from one area to another of the face to achieve a deep and complete cleaning of the skin. (Available on Amazon)

Electric cleaning brush and facial epilator Braun Face 852 (Ruby Edition)
The electric cleaning brush and facial epilator Braun Face 852 electric cleaning brush and facial epilator Braun Face 852 allows you to enjoy up to 7 treatments with a single device: you just have to change the accessories. Accurately removes root facial hair with the epilator and thoroughly cleanses the skin with the facial brush. It has an accessory for precision delipation, and a toning head. In addition, a set of 5 brushes that adapt to each of the phases of your facial routine: exfoliation, cleaning, massage and applicator for your creams and treatments. (Available on Amazon)

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