Uncovering unhealthy "healthy foods" in your life

What "healthy foods" are we blinded by in our lives?

First, fancy cereal

People's pursuit of food is not only simple nutrition, but also hopes to obtain a variety of nutrients in it, while the appearance is also beautiful, people have appetite. Like the more popular fancy cereals, it is a kind of oatmeal treated with maple syrup or honey, and mixed with nuts and dried fruit.

Truth: From the perspective of appearance and ingredients, it seems to be a healthy food combination. But we have to say that it also contains a lot of fat and sugar, and if you calculate it carefully, the calories are very high. Although it is really delicious, it still has to control the amount.

Second, fruit yogurt

There are all kinds of yoghurt on the refrigerated shelves of the supermarket. The most eye-catching is the fruit yoghurt. It likes to pack itself with various nutrient nouns, such as “organic” and “natural”, and it also contains Rich in flesh, it is right to choose it!

Truth: Under these glamorous appearances, it also contains a lot of sugar. A box of 200g fruit yoghurt, the heat can reach more than 200 calories. Instead of drinking granulated yogurt, it is better to have a cup of plain yogurt + fresh fruit, which is more nutritious and lower in calories.

Third, vegetable salad

Mixing bright vegetables with various colors and mixing them into salads is an appetizer in the hot summer months and is very popular among people. The fruits and vegetables in the salad are indeed rich in vitamins and minerals, but most of the salad dressings are high in fat and high in calories. If you add some fried chicken in the salad, you can get away from healthy food.

Truth: The calories of the salad are very high, a large portion of the mixed vegetable salad, where the calories of the salad are as high as 800 kcal, even higher than a burger. Therefore, when pairing with your salad, always remember that fresh vegetables are the protagonists, you can add some lean or boiled eggs and a small serving of coarse grains. The most important thing is to put less salad dressing.

Fourth, sushi fancy rolls

Sushi is a traditional Japanese food. Nowadays, many young people and children like to eat, which is the perfect food. The protein rich in seafood, unsaturated fatty acids, and a small amount of rice. If you add more vegetables, it is a healthy and healthy meal.

Truth: Although sushi is a nutritious and healthy food, not all sushi is so healthy. For example, tempura rolls, or a variety of fancy rolls, not only fried, but also add mayonnaise. It is worth noting that the sodium content of the soy sauce used to knead sushi is not low. Therefore, it is best to eat brown rice rolls with fresh vegetables and not to sauce.

Five, juice

As we all know, juice is rich in vitamins, so many people like to order a cup of freshly squeezed juice when eating out. Although the freshly squeezed juice has the taste of fruit and some vitamins, the dietary fiber in the pulp is lost when juicing, and it is not excluded that some juice shops add extra sugar to the freshly squeezed juice for the sake of good taste.

Truth: In fact, juice is the hardest hit area of   invisible sugar. If you choose a juice drink, let alone. Only about 10% of pure juice, some simply a mixture of pigments, sugar or sweeteners. Therefore, whether it is drinking juice or eating dried fruit, it is better to eat fruits more healthily.

Six, fried fish

Deep-fried octopus, small yellow croaker... crispy and tender, with a light fishy aroma between the teeth, it is delicious on the table, and can also be eaten as a snack. Fish is known as a healthy, low-calorie health food, and even the American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least twice a week.

Truth: We have always said that it is a healthy food. It is right to eat fish. But be sure to pay attention to the cooking method. Once the fish is thrown into the frying pan and then served with a variety of high-oil, high-salt, high-sugar sauce, it has nothing to do with health. The best way to fish is to steam.

Seven, vitamin drinks

Vitamin drinks are healthier than other diets. This drink is a direct combination of two healthy nutrients, vitamins and water, but it is not a good choice to drink vitamin drinks as water.

Truth: This drink is a bit sour to drink, but the mouth feels very good. In addition, you do not know that the sugar added to these drinks is also considerable, and the proportion of vitamins may not be suitable for everyone. If you want to maintain a healthy diet, or quit all kinds of packaged drinks, the most common water is your good friend.

Eight, coarse grain biscuits

In recent years, the health effects of coarse grains have been vigorously promoted everywhere. In order to supply market demand, various coarse grain biscuits are born in the market. They claim to have a large amount of dietary fiber, which at first glance looks like a healthy food. These fibers do exist, but unfortunately they are all wrapped in fat!

Truth: We know that insoluble fiber is very rough to eat. However, in order to be able to sell better, manufacturers add a lot of sugar and fat to many coarse grain biscuits. Therefore, the fat content of coarse grain cake is very high and should be eaten with caution.

The contents of the above terms are all from the network, all of which are based on the original author's point of view and are for reference only. They do not represent the position of Jingdong.

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